Tank Top Chronicles Pt 6 (Creating Change)

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ladies & gentlemen in the time I last wrote, something has happened.

As I draw towards the halfway point of the year I feel somewhat dissatisfied with my training. As my knowledge base in fitness begins to grow my mass becomes miniscule in comparison to abilities I lack. Namely; flexibility, endurance, agility, speed, co-ordination and balance.
All are suffering as I begin to gain more and more muscle mass. So the question arises should I change?
Sarcomeric hypertrophy seems less and less appealing in the new shining reflection of strength and conditioning drills.
It has always been true that I have aligned myself with the idea of training with a codified mindset in order to resist the temptation of getting dragged into fitness fads or laziness.
However, I want my body to be able to work at it’s optimum for life, I want to jump as high as I can, run as fast as possible and for as long as possible. I want this body to rage against the inevitability of it finally aging.
To me at least, the greatest source of depression amongst human beings is that we don’t see the need to change the average. As long as the job we are in is ok and it pays what we need it to pay, we’re fine. Even if it drains the very life out of us. Forever slaves to the maxim “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.” To me that is only true if you can’t make it better.
Why become imprisoned to the steady song of stagnation when you can create a concerto of majesty.
We have so many people telling us what we’re good at, and what we should stick to that at times it’s difficult to tell who’s life we are living.
For a long time being a solicitor seemed like the greatest thing in the world to me, until I studied it and realised it was horrifically boring and uncreative. Had I listened to my mother and her persuasion I would be trapped in that setting that I wasn’t born to be in.
Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it, change will change your life. It can totally re-route the trajectory of your accomplishments and how you view yourself.
You see, I’m seeking to totally change my approach to training, not because I’m bored, not because I have tasted the sting of defeat, rather, I am changing it because I want to be better.
We’ve got no reason to simply lie around in our comfort zone. Being the king of a group of average people is to be the pauper of the greats, and I, kind reader, am far from a pauper.
Life is all about progression and we progress by creating change, becoming better and more efficient in the way that we live, and so it is the same with training.

Weight training helped me crawl into the gym and taught me how to stand, but I am reaching the stage where I long to run and eventually soar into the potential I posses, and this new strength and conditioning regime seems like the most likely way to do it.
I have even tussled with the idea of gymnastics and while the idea may seem some what feminine and offensive to a red blooded male, in terms of biomechanics it is an excellent sport to take part in.

In addition to benefits such as flexibility, co-ordination and agility.
While you may be falling out of you chair with laughter at the thought of me in those awful leotards, all must cogitate all avenues on their route to greatness.
He who limits himself to a single principle limits himself to all other forms of knowledge and thus imprisons his mind and soul.
I will start the new programme next week Monday taking basis from the text “Extreme Training” by Randy Couture. I shall keep you updated when I can until then I leave you with the following quote;

“You can not find peace by avoiding life” Virginia Woolf


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