Tank Top Chronicles pt 5 (Wrongful Will)

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am often a bubbly beacon of positive energy and joy, who strongly believes that we have been given a power to mentally alter our reality on a very small scale. A perfect example of this is when time seems to speed up during enjoyable moments in our lives, whilst they slow down when we are bored or under stimulated.

However last week I saw a young boy sit in front of a camera screen and scream his head off  for 5 minutes trying to transform into a super Saiyen. For those who are unfamiliar with the Dragon Ball Z franchise, a super Saiyen is an advanced transformation assumed by extraordinarily powerful members of the Saiyen race.  For those who haven’t seen the video yet here is the link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGj255bDyQQ
It was somewhat comical, in the sense that any rational person understands that the programme is a fictitious one, and that application of the super saiyen thesis in regards to human beings in this universe is borderline insane (that‘s me putting it lightly).
In saying that it did pose the question, how many of us are creating a character falsehood? How many of us think we are what we are actually not?
In the beautiful utopia that is the constructs of our mind, we are the greatest fighters on the planet, until we get stroll into a kickboxing class and get gorilla punched by a 17 year old. We are the strongest until you train with someone who throws 150kg on a bar and bellows 12 reps, we are the suave Casanova until a pretty girl tells us to go away and fix up our busted Harry Hill swag.
It’s really easy to say you’re Bruce Lee from your bedroom, but in the real world which is where we live unfortunately, it is important that our minds are realistically assessing what is going on in the now.
You have to say as a beginner, my jab sucks, in order to work on it and make it better. If you don’t, and you believe that because you’ve been watching and studying Fight Night games, you have a killer jab, then you’re always going to be that person getting punked because you have a lazy undeveloped, computer game jab.
What I’m saying is, as much as the mind can make us do incredible things that we thought we could never do, if we feed it with arrogance once we reach a certain stage, it can impede our growth in detrimental way.
It’s great to have confidence and self belief in yourself, but it’s important that it doesn’t give you a cloudy picture of what and who you are.
It’s often very easy to tell people who are new to the gym, they often underestimate how much a weight is, and they overestimate their overall strength. The result is 2-3 reps done in excruciatingly abysmal form. This is am attitude that is apparent outside the gym as it is inside. A lot of us, especially males, think we are stronger, faster, and more good looking that the people standing next to us.  (Only I know this to be a fact)!
I’ve found that the best way to do anything is to do it modestly. The best leaders are those who remember what it was like to be at the ground level. Those that keep a modest temperament and request that you help them do a specific task, rather than being a cock sure villainous king pin who barks orders from on high to what they consider to be worthless peasants and slaves.
In the minds of every person should be a perfect version of themselves, but this should only serve as a driving force towards getting better. It is important not to fall in love with an image that you are months or even years away from attaining.
I find that people in that transitional period towards gaining high positions often believe that have reached their 720 HD setting, and that they are completed. When really they are at the beginning. Once you have got to that stage where you earn more money than most, where you’re actually turning down pretty women, and have the things that elude most people, you don’t just sit back cross you arms and laugh at those on the way up.
This will be the time that you really begin to carve out your greatness. That’s the moment where you want to stand amongst giants and look the biggest. Nobody ever remembers the number one contender once he’s lost, only champions are recorded.
Truth be told I don’t think you ever stop improving, I think that those who live in their little bubbles with the mindset that they are untouchable are those most likely to be roughed up by the competition.
See being a champion doesn’t mean you’re the best, it just means you are ready to take on the best and win.
Are you ready to do that? Not in your mind; as the incredible basketball player, musician, model, gymnast and Muay Thai expert, but as you, the unashamed you?
Don’t allow your wrongful will keep you from a bright and beautiful existence. If you are indeed the king or queen of your profession, then do more. Bath in the wealth of knowledge that your associates and those who know and care for you bring. It’s true we are born alone and we die alone, but a life enriched by our deeds and our connections with others is what makes the fact that we live once all the more glorious. To quote Brad Pitt when he played Achilles “everything is more beautiful because we are doomed, you will never be lovelier than your are now.” So keep a clear head, know where you are, and just get better.

  1. Excellent post. Aspiration is much more valuable than arrogance. You have a new follower.

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