Tank Top Chronicles Pt4 ( Only One Option)

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

All you have to do is go to your local supermarket and you quickly realise that we, especially in the westernised world, have a bountiful amount of choice.
We can choose to bargain hunt for single sheet toilet paper, or we can treat our rumps to a double quilted sheet of t-roll instead.
It is no surprise then, that we often posses many different options in terms of the decisions we make in pursuance of an idea. People constantly cheat themselves out of the last 2 reps, because they feel like they’ve done enough. Men and women abandon good relationships because they just decide that they want something new.
We my friends have too many options! I have decided that by the end of the year I will weigh 14 stone and that is that! I have made a few other commitments also but there is no need to bore you with those.
I heard Will Smith say that he doesn’t have “a plan b, because it distracts from plan a.” Whether he is the original source of the quote I don’t know, but there was something about this quote that sat nicely with me.
Of course it is dangerous to look at everything you do with such narrowness, but in the pursuit of your idea I think it is much needed. We are too distracted by our options.
We do not live in a society where we can be killed or jailed for not eating brown rice even though it’s got a higher energy and lower fat intake than white rice.
Similarly we are not punished for smoking and cremating our internal organs, we have choice. Even if it is a little morsel of choice, we have it.
The problem comes when he have to many choices, I’ve known people who were talented rappers, basketball players, writers, comics, actors and football players and in the end they did nothing.
Their ability to do everything so easily meant they were enticed by the idea of doing or learning something else which in turn meant they achieved a bunch of half completed skill sets.
You don’t go to the gym because you tell your self that you have a choice. I tell myself I must go because similarly I don’t have a choice. Have you ever made a vow to do something and even though it seemed like everything went wrong on that day you still managed to do it?
It’s because you didn’t give yourself the option of saying no.
There are those students who realise that they do not have the option of not handing in their work, so at 5am while everyone is asleep they are assiduously referencing and completing their work , no matter how tedious or boring it is, because they don’t have any options.
So to me, the relentless perusing of an idea is executed by the narrow mind set that you can not fail, even if you lose. A man doesn’t lose a boxing fight or an MMA bout because he is knocked down. He loses because he either doesn’t get up in time, he doesn’t get up at all, or he submits to the pressure he is being place under.
Someone who deeply believes that they have no options but to win, finds a way to get up! They find a way to deal with the pressure being put on them and wait for the opening to strike and make their stamp.
Think Ali when he did the rope a dope against Foreman, think about Carlos Condit’s amazing comeback against Dan Hathaway, think back to Beckham’s last minute free kick against Greece!
These are people who truly believed that they had no option but to win. All that matters is the stubborn belief that you are the better than your opponent or situation.
Think about something you want to do or that you are doing now and cut off all of your excuses. All of your options of failure. Emblazon the idea in your head and know that you can’t fail.
Success is not this ethereal unattainable situation that only the elite have, but it is something that makes people elite. I dare you to look at people who are extremely successful, successful not famous, and you’ll begin to see how almost obsessive they were or are in the pursuance of their idea.
Those people are not special or that much different from you. They just have less options.

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