Tank Top Chronicles pt2 (Positive Pain)

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Pain is described an unpleasant physical sensation, or a feeling of physical discomfort. Which sounds absolutely awful doesn’t it, but is it though?
One of my favourite sayings is “pain is weakness leaving the body.” It appeals to me simply because I hold this to be true,
Slowly I’ve noticed that pain is something that happens to everyone, it‘s not just confined to one or two people, though it often seems that way.
More importantly I’ve noticed that those who are able deal with physical pain are much better at dealing with other forms of pain.
It is my true belief that in order to get something worthwhile out of what you doing, there must be a period of pain. A season in which you work harder than most people, a season in which you work harder than you are used to working.
This is the stage where most people disintegrate into the “I’ll do it tomorrow phase” until the idea becomes lost in the eternal abyss that is tomorrow.
It’s usually a 6 month period with gym goers, it’s usually because this is the month that the manifestation of your body structure becomes most evident. The stage in which people are most confident with the progress that they have made due to uniformed training. It’s easy to bulk but it’s harder to maintain. It’s easy to lose a few pounds but it’s harder to keep it off.
We so rarely embrace positive pain. We usually move through life trying to avoid pain at every turn, until it hits us, and we are dumbfounded by it’s effect. Pain is that inevitable phantom separating those who want it and those who just kind of want it.
Do you think that staying up late to finish proof reading an assignment knowing that you’ll have four hours sleep before your next lecture is not pain? Do you think that using that last £50 to surprise your girlfriend or wife instead of spending it on yourself is not painful?
Of course it is! The last one can be as painful as doing that last squat when your legs are like jelly and it feels like acid is seeping into your muscle tissue.
These are all necessary sacrifices needed in order to achieve success in those given fields.
I do not fear pain, in saying this it doesn’t mean I go looking for unnecessary pain.
Rather I have realised that pain like happiness is just a moment, and in that moment you are taught about yourself. Either that you are stronger than you think, or that you are not as strong as you think.
Not being stronger than you think you are is not always a bad thing, and many people’s fear of pain compels them to stay safe and pain free. Not knowing, that you’re not good enough, means you can carry on being mediocre, but friend your story deserves much more than that.
Being shown your weakness ONLY ever shows you what you need to work on and where you need to grow. It’s our own brains that make it seem like something sordid and embarrassing.
Try seeing your tie to your idea as marriage, and your marriage or relationships as a tie to an idea. It is essential that you go through pain in both avenues. I have made a pledge to both my gym training and my relationship. The pledge sounds simple, but as always the simple things become harder to do over time. My pledge is this. There is NO plan B.
I will fight through the pain of arguments and reps, self doubt and laziness and complacency as well as conforming to the routine.
Remember what I said in the last blog about loving what you do? Here it is ESSENTIAL!
There is no way you can go through regular instances of pain in the pursuit of something you only half want.
Do you want a great body because it means something to you? Is it because you want to carve out a tale of what you’ve managed to achieve, or is it because your friends are going? Is it because that person with the insanely hot body goes every Friday, Monday and Wednesday and you’re just scoping, waiting for some eye candy, or are you proving to yourself that you can hit goals that you make for yourself?
Pain will separate those students who came to get drunk, and those who came to get a career. So please don’t think that what I’m saying is confined to the four walls of the gym. It’s something that is transferable in everything you do. Once you realise that pain isn’t always bad you won’t be as reluctant towards taking up new challenges. You won’t mind pushing yourself in order to become the best you can be.
I remember reading on a poster once that “a black belt is just a white belt who never gave up.” It’s a great quote that applies. You have the ability to do whatever you want to do. The question is do you want to go through the pain it takes to get to the very top?

  1. Chris Bowser says:

    Brilliant bro so true. If you haven’t seen it already watch the documentary pumping iron with arnie in it. It’s old but he talks about the pain and being sick from training, plus he battles with the incredible hulk Lou ferrigno! KEep up the blogs, mate and if your looking for inspiration add Phil Heath the current mr Olympia he also writes really good training blogs

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