Tank Top Chronicles pt1 (Attitude Adjustment)

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Attitude Adjustment

As I prepare for my journey to weigh 201lb (14 stone) of lean muscle, as well as reducing my body fat levels to 10-7% in a year, I wonder what has changed between the 16 year old that 1st strolled into the Power FX gym in Croydon with no expectations or goals, and the eagerly ambitious 23 year old now deciding to devote his time and effort into drastically changing his physique.
Well, apart from the glaring knowledge base gathered through both trial and error, and through studying to become a personal trainer, I’m inclined to believe the most significant change has come from my attitude adjustment.
As I have become increasingly drawn to the gym world, I have been enticed by the all encompassing view point that you can change any negative into a positive, based on your sheer willingness to battle through pain. Truly any man or woman can enjoy the sweet nectar of success, but what’s so great about that? That’s something anyone can do. No one really cares about the story of a boy born rich, that stays rich and dies rich. Our movies and books, even the stories of our celebs are of men and women who have had nothing but insisted on pushing past barriers to become great at their craft.
It is in the heart of everyone, that urge to peruse something they love, and that’s why there are millions of people starting new things that could potentially change their lives.
However when the idea conflicts with time, sleep, food and even sex, sadly the idea evaporates into the realms of what could have been.
Anyone who knows me will know I HATE eggs with an unrelenting passion, but I am eating eggs often because I know they are essential to my progress. When I have things to do in the evening I wake up at 5am to get to the gym, when I have things to do in the morning I train in the evening. I have bought books instead of trainers, protein shakes and creatine instead X-box games and nights out with work colleagues.
Quite simply I have embraced the idea of sacrificial living habits. I am hungry for progress in the application of my craft.
Why should people care about what you do when you do just the minimum? When you do just enough to get by.
When I was in the pursuit of being a rapper I was so mad at the industry for not embracing me.
This was until I looked at it properly. How many shows did I do? How far did I travel to get even 5 minutes on stage, how many people did I explicitly let know that my life was music through the manifestation of my deeds?
When I looked at this I realised I didn’t deserve anything! The few people that listened to my music was nothing short of a blessing.
My attitude is to love what you do, because if you don’t love it you can’t fight for it. How do you dig deep and pull out a victory when you don’t care about the outcome?
There is a huge difference between the man who fights for a trophy and the man who fights for his life. Therefore those of you who are looking to do something new this year make sure its something that you love and then aim to be the greatest at it. Its YOUR idea why would you want it to be anything less than great?
Greatness is in everyone but it has to be moulded! Success is not a miracle it’s habitual.

  1. Chris Bowser says:

    Well said bro. Just remember pain is temporary, pride lasts forever. If we don’t have our goals in life Whts the point?

  2. martha84 says:

    You are so right! Before anyone can achieve greatness, they have to get their minds and hearts in the right place, make sacrifices that others think are crazy, and keep their head in the game at all times by being surrounded by educated choices/materials. Keep up the great inspiring writing!

  3. R. says:

    Wow. This has given me a serious boost in the right direction. It’s all or nothing this year – Let’s DO THIS!!

  4. Katie Yip says:

    “I’m inclined to believe the most significant change has come from my attitude adjustment” Couldn’t agree more.

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